Beware the ears of the Cheshires and the eyes of the Queen.

Prologue 4

3 thoughts on “Prologue 4

  1. nice transition! actually surprised me rofl. Caaan’t wait to see what happens omg.

  2. Two things:
    1) your art has dramatically improved since the first pages.
    2) come on Cheshires, you can put up a better fight than that!

    1. 1) Thank you very much! That is part of the reason I’m redoing the initial 6 pages, as they can tell so much more now for readers and will look pretty awesome in print. :)

      2) Sadly, Durnam and Dee didn’t really stand a chance considering the circumstances of the Roese family’s murders, but did what they could. I’ll be going into this scene more during an Interlude at a much later point of the story, but for now I can only say that everyone was caught incredibly off guard in a peaceful time and at a place they felt safe.

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