Alice (?)

A young girl that finds herself in Hearts with no memory of who she is or where she is from. The only possible hints at her identity are the few items from the satchel that she woke up next to.







The Queen of Hearts

The feared Queen that has seized control of Hearts and set clocks into the chests of her people. Terror has spread through Hearts and past the closed borders since she has taken over.







 Ser Berwyn

A man from the country Wyndr who found his way unwillingly in the company of the Queen, coerced to follow her will.








Alice Roese, the Red Queen

Queen Alice reigned as the Red Queen for many years, weilding the Thorn of her ancestors to keep peace amongst the provinces of Ruan. Queen Alice Roese and Lord Oiran had four children: Prince Roran of Hearts, Prince Alyn of Spades, Prince Myrd of Diamonds, and Princess Davena of Clubs. Her family was much loved by the people of Ruan, but were slaughtered by an unknown assailant before the start of our story and while they may not be amongst the living, their influence still sits upon the land. Roese is pronounced [rohz]





Roran Roese, the Prince of Hearts


The oldest of the Red Queen’s children. Of the royal children, he has the strongest “Queen’s Blood” and magic, which is what keeps him as the heir to the throne.









World Building Wednesday Character Topics:

Alice’s favorite snack, Queen of Heart’s hobbies. The leaders of the Cards. The Cheshire Cats, rough history, uniforms, duties, and inspiration.


More to come.


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