Beware the ears of the Cheshires and the eyes of the Queen.

Chapter Two, Page 7

So uh, yeah. Here's an update that I was working on during the last week of October, and then Halloween happened and the fallout from that basically made work insanely busy/exhausting right up to CTN, which was only more exhausting and led to me taking accidental naps after work for the week and a half following. Basically, my day job lost an experimental plane and a test pilot on Halloween and even though I grew up in the flight test community and always knew of events like this happening, this is the first time I've actually known someone that went down in a plane crash. This in combination from how crazy work got as a result kinda sucked all motivation for everything I was working on before Halloween, I sunk a lot of time into something I  don't even know if I'll ever finish while trying to process said events of Halloween, and then I focused on a new storyboard project to start getting myself productive again. I'm uh, really glad November is over and life has calmed down.   Please vote for Hearts of Roese:

3 thoughts on “Chapter Two, Page 7

  1. Of~~~ course she didn’t.

  2. I think I’d have a skeleton key made.

    1. If a key was all the people of Hearts had to worry about, she wouldn’t be Queen >)

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