Beware the ears of the Cheshires and the eyes of the Queen.

Chapter Two, Page 22

The latest Comic Easel update has been screwing with the widgets- I'm aware the left-of-comic sidebar is now above the comic, and I'm trying to figure out whats up with this. Fixed! One box went weird and messed up everything else. ** I see that my navigation buttons are having issues. I'm working on getting them back up. Fixed!   This is the first page drawn on my new Cintiq! Working on pages is so much more enjoyable than it was on my Intuos 5 (ctrl-z was my most-used tool with the Intuos). My new boyfriend, Mr. Cintiq In other news, I'm selling in WonderCon's Artist Alley in March. I'm working on a bunch of things for it (several are Hearts of Roese related) and will be at table F-13, so stop by and say hi!     Please vote for Hearts of Roese:

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  1. This is a super personal totalitarian state, the dictator going house to house inspecting every single citizen personally, you’d think her hand would get carpal tunnel syndrome from all that winding going on.

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