Beware the ears of the Cheshires and the eyes of the Queen.

Chapter 01 Page 31 The Clock Heart

And this is what a clock-heart looks like ladies and gentlemen.   So frequently my update plans get disrupted by freelance work, work that is of the type where I have very quick deadlines to meet and sometimes little notice that I've been given a new one to work on or final scripts that take a bit to arrive. If anyone wants to check out some of my paid work, hop over to Wellcast! I'm one of many animators that works on it: episodes I've done are Stop Cyberbullying, How to Apologize, Creating a Creative Workspace, and a few more (these may not be the actually titles, but its what I name my work files). Most recently I worked on the Couple's Valentine Special with another animator. Anyways, check them out! They are fun, full of nerd references (I have drawn cat memes, cybermen, portal turrets, and more random stuff in them) and hopefully helpful for all the viewers.   Please vote for Hearts of Roese!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 01 Page 31 The Clock Heart

  1. What—does nobody own mirrors in this town? Are they illegal? Because it seems like Winding Day is something you’d want to see coming.

    1. It is more of a “no one wants reminders” thing- no one wants to look at the obvious clock on their chest, and this has actually changed some fashions within Hearts. If they don’t see it, it is totally not there.

      Also, the day the Queen arrives to wind is never set in stone- she may arrive the last day left on the clocks or a week before, or even longer. She likes to keep her people nervous.

      I should probably stick this in the glossary.

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