Beware the ears of the Cheshires and the eyes of the Queen.

Chapter 01 Page 21

Well, I was planning on finishing this chapter by the end of the month but the best laid plans always get thrown in the air. I picked up some freelance work that has super fast deadlines, so I've spent a chunk of time working on that, and prepping for a huge networking event, and then the insanity of traveling for thanksgiving. November ended up being a lot more hectic then I expected it to be. Because of this, I started a Hearts of Roese twitter,  where I will do my best to say when pages are going to be late (and why), and tell when they are up. I won't spam it with everything though- that is reserved for my private tumblr that only ever has forwards of everything I post on tumblr. I also post a lot of stuff on my tumblr, more then just Hearts of Roese (but quite a bit of HoR stuff as well) Feel free to follow me on either.   New goal: finish chapter by the end of the year so I can work on the Interlude, which is going to be fun. Please vote for Hearts of Roese!  

One thought on “Chapter 01 Page 21

  1. Beautiful comic. Found on reddit and can’t wait to see more. Thank you for doing this.

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